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Stop the Drivel – STOP IT

‘Dia de los Muertos’ greetings from ☠️⚰️

We live in unpredictable times…
We live in unprecedented times…
We live in chaotic times…
We live in times of upheaval…
We are living in bad times…

When I read articles, comments and reports that start like this (and there are countless of them), I stop reading. Someone is writing who has no idea, is panicking, creating a mood, consciously or unconsciously manipulating, expressing their powerlessness… In short: irrelevant, helpless or superficial drivel.

Because anyone who looks into history or into their own human psyche, or simply thinks about it, will realize: There have never been times that were predicted, there have never been times that were precedented…

Part of human existence is the confrontation with oneself, getting to the bottom of the question of what is true and what is not. To consciously confront the conflict between heart and mind, not knowing and believing to know, wholeness and separation, soul and ego, matriarchal and patriarchal consciousness and to pacify this struggle. And that does not mean ignoring, fleeing or transcending somewhere. It means facing the facts and accepting them.

Challenge = upheaval = transformation is not the exception or something special – it is simply part of the human journey.

Refusal or resistance to it are the means that paralyze, wear down and grind you between the fronts of conflict. And then helpless lines like the one above come out.

Die before you die and you are free to live.

So open your eyes and get on with life.

And then the world changes.

Never been there before.

An unpredictable miracle. ✨

And if that leaves you confused , that simply means:

Stop the drivelSTOP IT.

Huu? What? How?

Check this humorous explanation:

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