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Power and Success: All want it – Few have it

Power and Success – everyone wants it. Very few know what it means. Even less have it.

Let’s clarify first what

Power and Success are NOT:

  1. Controlling & manipulating others or yourself. Often labelled as power over others, it’s really just a compensation for one’s own sense of powerlessness.
  2. Having status symbols, such as money, cars, degrees, followers, or whatever other external ‘success’ marker…
  3. Collecting praise, recognition or approval.
  4. Following (or breaking) the rules and norms.

There is a large group of people chasing these definitions of Power and Money, some indeed get it. Though they neither have true power nor success. Another group of people resent power and success as they perceive it as corrupted, evil, cynical or abusive and outright reject it. Both are mistaken, because those definitions are dead wrong in the first place.

So what are true Power and Success?

  1. Success: To create what you want.
  2. Power: To know what you want and create it successfully.

The key point is to know what you ‘want’.

Most get that wrong. What you ‘think you want’ is not what you really ‘want’. What you think you want, is informed by the outside: Advertisement, media, government, family, teachers, gurus and so on. And that’s not what YOU want. Making life about that only leads to dissociation from yourself and becoming a cog in a soul and heart less materialistic machinery. And no quantity of external validation a la praise or achievements can make up for losing your self.

What you really want

comes from deep inside your being: It’s to live a life true to your Self. To receive your heart and create a life that reflects your dreams and unique expression.

Most people have no clue what they really want, don’t take themselves serious or simply ignore or suppress their wants. Their rationalizations are manifold: “I dont’ have the time, money, confidence, trust, advice, knowledge, intelligence, spirituality, support, age, fill in the blank…. It’s unreasonable, unsafe, egoistic, unviable, unrealistic…” and so on.

If that’s your thinking, let me tell you: Little do you know. That’s just your perception based in ignorance of your own creative spirit and inherent power. Also your wants are everything but egoic: It’s the voice of the real you – your heart – your core – your dreams – your soul – your inner guidance.

And as an expression of life, you are gifted with a natural ability to bring your purpose into existence.

But, that requires a choice: To put your heart first (=what you want), and your mind second (= what you think you want).

That’s reclaiming your Power.

Which also leads to recognizing the blissfull gift of YOUR existence. And

Realizing your purpose: To live your true nature.

There is no other purpose to life than to live YOUR life. And be as you are. As simple as that. As wonderful as that. Each one of us has our unique way and journey.

That’s not a concept. It’s the reality of YOU.

When we look into the world we see most doing everything but that and being involved in the ways of others, out of sync with their being and living life dictated by other’s rules, measurements or concepts.

There is only YOUR way. Life is about BEING YOU.

And recognizing and living YOUR way is true Power and Success.

Because then you are incorruptible and cannot be manipulated. Firmly grounded in yourself and your path.

Equally the most beautiful gift to the world.

So enough written – I rest my case:

Time for true Power and Success!

That’s what my offering is about:

To empower you to become the prime creative force in your life.

And create what you love. Truly powerfully and successfully.

If that’s what you wantlet’s speak!

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