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The weak-willed Spirits that I called

It’s selfish to do what you want.”
“How can you be so egoic.”
“Look at the world, everyone just does what they want.”
“Let go of your will and you will be free.”
“Not everyone can do what they want.

This or something similar echoes through the vastness of our society. The spiritual gurus teach the abandonment of will. Totalitarian governments order solidarity and the abandonment of individuality. For the good of the climate, health or security.

It is easy to believe that one’s own will is wrong, out of place, the cause of all these problems – and should be abandoned or eradicated as the arch enemy. For the great ominous good.

Will is not the reason for our problems – it is the avoidance and demonization of will! The chaos we experience in the world is not the result of too much will, but of too little will.

What is the will?

The will is our instrument to determine our own focus and priorities in life. These can be in line with what we ‘want’ (= our heart & conscience), or with what we ‘think we want’ (= the dictates of the outside world). If we do not consciously use our will, we are inevitably determined by others and stand beside ourselves in life.

This is the real problem of the world: externally controlled and weak-willed people in avoidance, denial and fear of their own heart. Lost in a perception of separation – ignorant of their own wholeness and their own being.

The will is the mechanism that brings your own heart into the world. And enables you to orientate yourself towards your own dreams & visions, to keep your own heart open & to remain present despite challenges, pain and possibly adverse circumstances.

The solution is not the avoidance of will and volition. Because that is the cause of the problem. Madness is to claim otherwise. Like the weak-willed spirits that beguile us and keep us trapped in insanity. The fear of our own will and volition that paralyzes in endless compensation loops – suffering.

As a matter of fact: Not using the will is not an option anyway, because not using the will is a decision of the will either way. So the only question is whether we use it consciously or not.

And for what? An expression of acceptance, love and devotion.

Or against what? An expression of resistance, fear and lack.

Will is not willfullness

Willfullness is the rigid, inflexible adherence and insistence on one’s own opinion or convictions or the dull and unreflective adherence to a goal at all costs. Against one’s better judgment or conscience.

This has nothing to do with will.

Using your own will enables you to be open, receptive, present, vulnerable and equally involved – unconditionally – in life.

And to claim your own place. To step into life. To take full and unconditional personal responsibility. To arrive in the here and now. And to be true to yourself.

Will makes it possible to live. Instead of surviving.

You are a strong-willed and powerful being.

When everything is possible – what do you want?

Time to appreciate & use your will.

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