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“Love Your Enemies”

That’s what they say.

Your biggest enemy? Probably you

So love him / her = yourself.

But what does ‘love’ mean?

Accepting you as you are. Unconditionally. Your whole package. With all your quirks, dramas and imperfections, but also with all your gifts, talents and qualities. That doesn’t mean you have to find yourself ‘good’ or romanticize it. Unconditional means there are no conditions. Even if you hate yourself, that’s okay. You are just the way you are. Shadow and Light. And that’s exactly right. Your only job: to aknowledge yourself in your entirety.

The truth – sets free.

What is the ego? The hell? The devil?

Just your perception.

And its core: Resistance to (aspects of) you. Which you then project onto the world.

So “love your enemy” ❤️

Then you become whole.

What good news, right?

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