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Intention Rules the Universe

Intention is at the core of your life’s experience. It gives rise to any form. The word implies it’s a function of tension, and specifically: tension seeking resolution – from imbalance to balance. By following the path of least resistance. Tension creates. And being in-tension is being in form. That does not equate to stress, drama, conflict, which we easily associate with tension. It simply means whatever you choose = intend becomes sooner or later your experience of reality. And your experience now, is a reflection of your (past) intentions.

The question is therefore not to give up intentions – as some teachings propose – but to become aware of your (unconscious) intentions. And then choose your intentions wisely. Because your life’s experience is a direct function of it.

Your choice:

You can willfully intend what you think you want – usually it’s stuff and ‘having’ more. Which reflects normal = distorted priorities: Do > have > be.

“I do x, to get y, and as a result I can become z.”

It is the expression of a completely wrong understanding of self – because it implies that your actions can change, improve or complete who you are. That’s the illusion, which gets perpetuated through that order of priorities.

Or you can intend to let your deeper nature – your true being – ‘take over’. Which aligns your priorities with your nature: Be > have > do.

Who you are naturally informs what you want, and then you just do what is obvious to bring that to life. And who you are is who you are – already. Complete. Nothing you ever do will change, improve, impact who you are. That’s why we are human beings, not human doings. And from that realization of self you are – and always were – free to create and express what you love.

In-tension = being in form

Ultimately, if you give up your intentions you’ll end your being in form. At any time – you can do so momentarily and drop into your state of being – formless.

What a miracle life is.

But giving up your intention – isn’t that still an intention?

So my question to you: What is your in-tension for your life?

What ignites your fire?

For most people it’s difficult to think of what they want = intend.

That’s why I have a little exercise to start practising that:

Imaginative exercise

In this exercise, you’ll be picturing how you’d like your life to be as though you were starting with a blank slate. In order to get a clear picture of what you want, don’t include how it is now or what you’d like to change, or what limits you. Instead, imagine you are starting with a completely clean slate with all possibilities open to you.

As a guideline, describe how you’d like to spend your time, and what kind of relationships you’d like to have in your life. If you want to work, what kind of job would you like to be doing and where would you like to be doing it? What kind of living situation would you like to have?

And now just write that down on a piece of paper. That’s it. You started consciously intending.

And that starts igniting your fire and soul .

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