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Surprise – Your Core Assumptions Need To Be Shattered

Over the last years I learned from many teachers and mentors. And I am incredibly grateful that I made the leap to put my pride aside (I believed I knew quite a lot) to then soon recognize my illusory sense of superiority.

What all past and present mentors have in common, they challenged my basic assumptions about myself and the world. The essence of what I learned thanks to that: To rely more and more on my own inner knowing and become more and more grounded in my Self. Which changed everything and the whole course of my life.

Never ever could I have found the way home alone. And at the same time I did. It is both deserved as I gave my everything to follow through but at the same time also totally undeserved, because I was really just uplifted by giants. Who stand in a long tradition of wisdom keepers passing on the truth to initiate those who seek.

Whats the truth?

The truth: Life is an undeserved, precious gift that I am given. That each one of us is given.

Many people, and so did I too, believe that they have to collect good deeds, do something special to redeem themselves, become pure, successful, loved or collect other ‘brownie points’ to fulfill their purpose – to earn their right to exist. Otherwise their existence failed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Life is a gift.

That each one of us got, totally undeserved and unconditional. Nobody knows where that gift came from. Nor will anyone ever know. You are not obligated to do, be or achieve anything in life. Fundamentally there is only freedom. You don’t have to fulfill any purpose, requirements, conditions, divine ideals, be special or whatsoever. Those are just man made concepts – wrong assumptions.

We are all free to be ourselves. If you will, that’s the whole purpose.

And in fact we always were free. And we will always be.

Isn’t it a wonder to be alive?!

If that doesn’t make any sense, that’s great!

It shall not. It’s a reality to be experienced for yourself. Which always waits for you beyond assumptions.

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