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Relax – Life is Magic

A creator is someone who acts now based on what’s obvious and accesses the information needed when they are needed. That’s what you could call:

Magic = living life guided by your intuition.

The reactive orientation of our society is a completely different paradigm.
It’s about living at the mercy of circumstances. Our education system reinforces: “Let me learn everything I can, and then I will be able to navigate life.” That’s outright wrong. And is guaranteed to limit you, because then you are focused on (dead) concepts instead of living and experience. You are never present, but preparing for the future or resolving your past. Life then is about control and working it out. And you become separate – from your life.
In the creative orientation, we leave the past in the past, the future in the future.

We are simply here – in the present moment. And go for what we love.

Instead of controlling life through working everything out at first, we simply learn along the journey.

In the creative orientation, we can relax.

Because when we are present, we are aware of the relevance of the moment. We access the information needed when they are needed. Being open to our own guidance. And empowered to live functionally.

And realize – life is coming together for us. ✨

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