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Happiness is a bad Goal

First of all you cant make happiness. Happiness is not a product you can manufacture. You can be happy. Happiness is a temporary feeling, but a bad goal to aim at. A fixation on happiness implies that other feelings are not ok. It keeps you in a superficial experience as you to some extent identify yourself through emotions.

Otherwise, why would you chase happiness?

You are the one having feelings. You are not your feelings. If you let go of your need to be fixated on feelings such as happiness, you become real, authentic, present, alive!!

To life in all its shades, forms, and emotional experiences. Bliss.

And even your odds for happiness improve, as that’s your nature once you dont resist life and feelings any longer.

A better orientation in life is to be true to yourself and pursue what is most meaningful to you. The self improvement world is obsessed with feeling ‘good’, which imprisons you into a very shallow life experience.

And you’re missing the depth of your being. ✨

PS: To be frank, Switzerland is great at many things: watches, organization, cleanliness, control, riches… but not at being happy ‍♂️

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