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Who am I?

Who am I?
In rivalry, in competition,
I, I, we cry,
obsessed by ambition!
Driven by greed – a race for first place.
But if we really know
the I? Remains in the shadow.

What is this enigmatic I?
Wherein seemingly a mystery lies?

If I were my feelings, volatile I’d be!
An angel one day, the next a banshee,
Sweet, kind, loving, and dear,
Then merely grumpy, harmful here?
Weak and meak,
Strong and proud,
mute or loud?

No, this emotional roller coaster
Delusional, come no closer!

Perhaps I am just thoughts,
In a whirlwind caught:
Sometimes positive, sometimes grim,
Once free then limiting on a whim,
Even self-sabotaging,
A bit of thinkinh potential – quite intriguing!?
No, I refuse to be defined
By logic and my fickle mind!

What’s left then, who am I still?
Job, status, title, my outer fill?
Or is that closer to a hellish drill?
My works, my legacy, my deeds?
Just an identity sold on needs.
Some below, some above on the social ladder’s rung,
Unconvincing, I’ll continue my quest, not yet done.

What’s left? My word and voice!
Is that where I would rejoice,
Where I dwell, perhaps even reign?
But where am I when I refrain?
Where would I be if silent I stay?
Would I then be a coward that way?
What about those who can’t speak or hum?
Would they be the foolish, the dumb?

No, that is too contradictory
Another path must lead to ME

Simply put – these are all dead ends in vain,
Confounding twists that offer no gain.

No more strain, simply let go,
Surrender, and let it flow.

You are more, so much more!
To your very core!

–The secret,
the essence within:
Let life begin.

Simon on the 6th May 2024

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