Turning Tension into Creation – the Process

Moments of tension and conflict are great opportunities to train your awareness and put the spotlight on your patterns and programs. Important: Tension is great! Don't let your autopilot resolve tension unconsciously by executing your compensating action. (You can read more here.) If you let that happen, you will continue the suffering and the pattern … Continue reading Turning Tension into Creation – the Process

Identity – Who are you?

Who do you think you are? How do you self identify? Are you your job, title, family, relationship, status, gender, race, your thoughts, your feelings? Who are you? Who have you been when you were 5 years old? Who will you be in 5 years? Who are you if you were to lose your job, … Continue reading Identity – Who are you?

Limiting Beliefs – What are they and how do they manifest?

In my past post, I wrote about why our beliefs literally create our reality (If you haven, read it!). Therefore, it's of utmost importance to discover what we believe. To leave the reactive loop and wake up to Free Will and our true Self. Once you follow the process outlined here, you start discovering your … Continue reading Limiting Beliefs – What are they and how do they manifest?

Free Will – A Journey of Discovery!

"Education should aim at destroying Free Will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell about the intended result of education in The Impact of Science on Society, p. 50, 1951 … Continue reading Free Will – A Journey of Discovery!

Truth – The Ultimate Empowerment

And the truth shall set you free.Bible, John 8:32 Knowledge about the true nature of reality is key to wake up from unconscious limiting believes and individual perception (you are not your thoughts and emotions) and discover true Self = who you really are. Which leads to Self respect (how can you fully respect your Self … Continue reading Truth – The Ultimate Empowerment

From Self-Doubt to Inner Confidence: Insights of training others

Going through the CHD training first, I started as a next step in March 2020 training and guiding others through the same training. In this Podcast I am sharing my discoveries and changes in perspective, from initially doubting myself of being able to guide others to confidence and recognizing that I CAN and even enjoy … Continue reading From Self-Doubt to Inner Confidence: Insights of training others

Transitioning from ME (banking) into US (making a difference in this world)

In this Podcast David and myself, both Partners at the Council for Human Development, talk on the PKX Podcast about our background in Finance, and how we made the transition from making money with money into co-creating a Platform to expand Consciousness & Creativity exponentially and make this world a better place!

Non-Combative Argument – Enter the Ring!!

This is the Ring for Non-Combative Argument! Trainers in Quantum Psychology debate a position over several rounds to practice critical thinking by arguing a position you don’t necessarily agree with in a non-combative, logical and detached way. Training intention: To be instantly in flow even under pressure and in front of an audience, to give … Continue reading Non-Combative Argument – Enter the Ring!!