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This advanced training will equip you to master the human journey, which means having a conscious & strategic overview of your own consciousness and creating structures of consciousness that enable you to live in alignment with your purpose. It is suitable for anyone who wants to understand ‘The Art of Creating’ as an integrated system for empowered creation in a sustainable way. And / or (want to) accompany or coach other people in a transformative way.

The final. Mastery.


Important: This workshop is not (only) about intellectual understanding but above all about the practical application and (self-) experience of creative premises. Neither is it about imparting a belief system or ‘the’ truth, rather about a framework and principles that enable self-realization & truth-finding: Actual Self Empowerment.

????When: 8 sessions from 17th October to 10th November

Weekdays: 4x Thursday and 4x Sunday

????Time: Each day from 7:00-10:00 pm CET // 2:00-5:00 pm EST