True Choices

Each of us creates continuously. The only question is what we create or from which attitude we create:

  • Is our motivation love (true vision) or lack (negative vision)?
  • Is our focus in our identity or in our wholeness?

This is crucial because our focus creates reality (experience):

  • If our focus is in our identity and we are compensating for our perceived deficiencies by fulfilling conditions (more money, more healing, more preparation, more security, more whatever…), we perpetuate lack and our sense of separation – instead of expressing who we truly are –
  • If, on the other hand, our focus is in our inherent wholeness and we create from this love and ‘just’ for the sake of expressing who we are, we begin to bring who we truly are step by step into our human lifes.

This article serves as a brief summary for participants of the Structural Creativity I seminar in terms of how we can bring our truth – our unique purpose, talents, greatness and potential…. from the subtler realms of our creative consciousness into our humanity in a very concrete way – to bring them to life here!

Find a true Vision

It’s essential, that our truth is not restricted by the limiting assumptions of our identity, which is focused on orientation and survival. The motivation of our true vision is solely an expression of love, joy, devotion. It does not ‘have’ to make sense. To ensure this integrity we went through an intuitive exercise to meditatively inform ourselves of our inherent abundance – our land of plenty.

Formulate Choices

With the impressions gained and written down, the invitation now is:

  1. To distill the 8-9 essential themes from the Land of Plenty meditation.
  2. To formulate one choice per theme.
  3. Do NOT ‘improve’ (=corrupt) the formulation by the mind. But to write down only what is true. Important: No negative vision!
  4. Define the choice clearly and efficiently, so that it is understandable for your consciousness.
  5. You can add 1-2 adjectives, which best represent the emotion of that choice.

This results in the following proposal:

I choose the endresult:

2 Fundamental Choices:

  1. To live my true nature and purpose.
  2. To be healthy.

8-9 Orienting Choices (context above):


Chose Choices

Below is a recommendation for the concrete implementation and the daily re-orientation into your greatness. To bring what is true for you step by step into your human being. The whole process takes a maximum of 10 minutes:

For all choices

  1. You simply say to yourself: “I choose the endresult____”.
  2. Go into the endresult: feel the endresult, the attitude / quality / frequency behind it -> 20 sec are enough for the assignment of the energy / your focus.

For 2 choices (2 different ones every day, so you’ll be through with all of them in 1 week):

  1. True vision (in relation to the choice): 20 sec.
  2. Current reality (in relation to the choice): 20 sec.
  3. Bridge: From the realized vision, retrospectively perceive the obvious that led you there.
  4. Choice: To consciously choose the vision & the bridge.

And then it is a matter of doing the obvious! 💪👊 As always, important: The creative orientation is a learning orientation: Progress not perfection. Try it out for 60 days and watch the effects! Best of luck! 😊

If there are any questions just send me a message!

If you are reading this without having the required context of the seminar, I invite you to simply join the next one: More details here.