The Art of Creating 3

WORKSHOP: Principles of Leadership

The Intention of this Workshop!

This advanced training teaches the determinants of success and failure, as well as the fundamentals of facilitating human transformation and coaching. 

This training reveals ‘structure’ as the true determinant of all the outcomes we experience in life and teaches participants not only how to identify the structures that underlie what is not working in their lives, but also how to approach everything they create in their lives in a way that guarantees success. In order to express their potential more fully!

Educational ThemeS:

Important: This workshop is not (only) about intellectual understanding but above all about the practical application and (self-) experience of creative premises. Neither is it about imparting a belief system or ‘the’ truth, rather about a framework and principles that enable self-realization & truth-finding: Actual Self Empowerment.



  • Next date: To be announced soon.
  • Time: 5 days


  • Online via Zoom


The introductory price for TAoC 2 graduates is CHF 500. (The regular price is 1’000 CHF.)


What previous participants said:

All good things come in fours! Four days of a veritable hero’s journey into my own strength have nourished and strengthened me! Simon succeeds in accompanying us in his clear way of self-reflection and opening doors. Without pushing and shoving, he keeps the intention to teach and accompany us in the ‘alchemical art’ of self-empowerment. To keep the focus and to be a coordinate for us. Everyone – right where they are – has the potential to take the next step. For me, this seminar was a further step into my reality. It is a gift of mastery when you begin to understand and take responsibility for your existence in a structural context and create a momentum in which a completely new form of reliability can be experienced. A connection with what everyone really is, glistening from the steel blue sky through the canopy of one’s own creative genius; far from good and evil, wrong or right. Ready to manifest. With the decision to see through and say goodbye to the completion desires from childhood from a structural perspective, a devoted serenity begins that can also withstand uncomfortable situations. There is no ‘train to miss’. Everything comes in its own time through constant action! Thank you for YOUR actions, dear Simon.


And the hero’s journey continues and takes on new structures. 💫 Diving intensively into our own old structures for 4 days in a row to say goodbye to them and then create new structures, stay in creative tension to perceive the dynamics, build the bridge and focus the vision. It was an exciting journey. It was great fun to embark on another journey of discovery to further develop my creative power. 😄 It is simply wonderful to have these very personal experiences in a trusting, protected space. A big thank you to you, Simon, and to the group! 🙏 I’m looking forward to the Mastery – Course IV


Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this workshop?

For all graduates of the workshop The Art of Creation 2 who want to take the next step into their own power and greatness. To actively and positively change your life circumstances and bring your true vision to life!

What are the requirements for participation?

Actually only interest, openness to new things & curiosity 😃 Otherwise the presence on all dates, a working camera & microphone and the consent to record the workshop.

Curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’: 5 workshops

The complete curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’ consists of 5 workshops with in-depth training topics that build on each other. The third advanced workshop ‘The Art of Creating 3’ is self-contained and offers a solid foundation for the independent development of your own potential. And a springboard for the fourth workshops.


I look forward to your binding registration.

If you are generally interested but can not attend the above date, just write to me – and I ‘ll notify you as soon as new dates are fixed.

I look forward to exciting, horizon-expanding days with you! 😃💪