Creative View Points

Time to raise your voice!

In our society we tend to overvalue rational expression and mostly just follow along with what others say. Why? Because we are afraid to express ourselves or speak up (publicly). As a result we suppress our own (inner) voice. And censor the expression of who we are!

Time to change that!

Flow speaking invigorates – stimulates intuition & creativity – and draws out our true nature!!!

I can sing a song about it – for a long time I was mute, then silent, was very afraid to express & communicate myself and my own ideas and only over the last few years found my voice.

The following practice has worked wonders for me:

🎤 What it’s about:

Triggering one’s own flow of speech through intuitive speaking while exercising empathy and mental flexibility, by taking different points of view. Skills that are immensely helpful in any situation. And a prerequisite for releasing one’s own creativity.

We will use the voice creatively – you will be surprised – in a positive sense!!! 😃 It will be practical!!!

🎤 Why:

Each of us has a more or less rusty point of view 😉 Rediscovering yourself behind it is incredibly invigorating & liberating! Language creates – “in the beginning was the word” – time to intuitively revive our flow of language! (You have it too – maybe just haven’t discovered it yet).

🎤 For whom:

All who are interested in expressing themselves, rediscovering themselves (linguistically) and meeting their creative spirit anew beyond pre-judgments! And are not averse to a little challenge. 😇


  • 📍Date: Tuesday 3rd October 2023
  • 📍Time: 10-11:30 AM PST / 1-2:30 PM EST / 7-8:30 PM CET
  • 📍Spots: 20 spots available!
  • 📍Cost: Free!!
  • 📍Place: Via Zoom


  1. Your engagement and active participation.
  2. Presence over the complete training from start to finish.
  3. Working and activated camera and microphone.

It gets highly creative & lively!!! 😍😇

Registration here: