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Dear guest! I am excited and it is a true pleasure to host you on the Show! (For your reference you can find the description as well as past episodes here.)

There are a few things to go through before we can speak!

Time slot

Please chose a time slot of your convenience here. It’s ideal to reserve 2 hours to have an in-depth conversation (we can always finish early). Alternatively, just go for the 1 hour slot:

Impact profile

In order to spread the word most efficiently and effectively about your message and wisdom and reach as much of an audience as possible, I ask you to fill out your Impact Profile here:

Other details

To ensure the best audio/experience for the Show:

  • Location: Quiet lighted room without noise, distractions or echo.
  • Mobile: On flight-mode/notifications are off.
  • Internet: Have fast and stable connection.
  • Laptop: Is charged / connected.
  • Mic: Best is a USB mic, otherwise a headphone mic better than speaking into the computer mic.
  • Voice: Speak close to the mic for better sound.

Thank you so much! I am thrilled and cant wait till we talk!