Digital Decision Making

Who doesn't know that situation: You are supposed to make a decision, but are simply overwhelmed. And instead of actually making a decision, you ruminate and think it through, over and over again. Robert Fritz has a magnificent framework for making you aware of what you want and value. And once you know that, making … Continue reading Digital Decision Making

Frames – in Structural Thinking

Structure A structure consists of different elements with a relationship to each other. Structural Tension Structural Tension is created by the difference between 2 elements: Current Reality: Where you are End Result (goal / vision): Where you want to go Outcome: The difference between the 2 points creates a tension which resolves towards the end … Continue reading Frames – in Structural Thinking

The Structural Tension Master chart for your Vision

This is a follow on article to Structural Consulting for Organisations. Basics of Structural Consulting Start with nothing: Tougher for consultants who are taught to have to 'add value' or be 'experts'. Ask questions: Clarify Confirm Build an additive picture Notice underlying structure: The individual may not see it or want to look at it … Continue reading The Structural Tension Master chart for your Vision