Non-Combative Argument – Enter the Ring!!

This is the Ring for Non-Combative Argument! Trainers in Quantum Psychology debate a position over several rounds to practice critical thinking by arguing a position you don’t necessarily agree with in a non-combative, logical and detached way. Training intention: To be instantly in flow even under pressure and in front of an audience, to give … Continue reading Non-Combative Argument – Enter the Ring!!

New Podcast live: You vs You

Dear world!! Check it out!! Our CHD Podcast You vs You is live!! On this podcast Agnes Bilik talks with members of the Council for Human Development and the connected community about how we can expand our minds and decode reality! The Council for Human Development is working with consciousness and blockchain technology to create … Continue reading New Podcast live: You vs You

Wake UP! 22 Days to Limitless!

We are doing it again!! 1 week ago we finished the first 22 Day Limitless Challenge to expand the mind beyond what we all think is possible! The results & feedback of our group of 50 graduates were amazing!! And we became family! A community of limitless humans making a difference in the world together! … Continue reading Wake UP! 22 Days to Limitless!

The MindMaster

The 22 Day Challenge has been an amazing transformational process for everybody! We expanded our mind far beyond what we thought possible and started thinking in a completely different way... And grew together as a community! A community of people connected by their desire to expand their consciousness, confidence & creativity exponentially and make a … Continue reading The MindMaster