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Turning Tension into Creation – the Process

Moments of tension and conflict are great opportunities to train your awareness and put the spotlight on your patterns and programs. Important: Tension is great! Don’t let your autopilot resolve tension unconsciously by executing your compensating action. (You can read more here.) If you let that happen, you will continue the suffering and the pattern will recreate the same constellation in a new format.

Its key to become aware of tension, conflict or dilemmas! And the underlying beliefs creating it. Once you acknowledge them, you can make a step back and reassign the power to what you / your Higher Self really wants!

The below process is an incredible tool to become aware of where your current focus and power is (remember Set A and B?), and then reattribute the focus where YOU want it to be (Vision / Endgoal)!

The process

Set A: The messages from your Unconscious Mind / Ego

  1. Conflict or dilemma: Whats the problem you are facing?
  2. What are your Egoic thoughts: Here it’s not about a higher perspective, its digging out the negative mind chatter. (If you think you don’t have any, you are either ignorant or not very aware.)
  3. What feelings are you experiencing: (E.g. shame, anger, powerlessness…)
  4. Definition and meaning of self, others and world (quick, spontaneously, not overthinking). What does that mean?
    1. Self: I am___
    2. Others:
    3. World:
  5. Underlying assumption / limiting belief: (E.g. I am powerless, I am insignificant)
  6. Where’s the power? How would you deal or cope with that? Whats your compensating action? E.g. withdrawal, attack
  7. Whats the End Result you are / would be getting from your Set A (above)? Pick up on the emotion of your wound and drop deeper and deeper into the emotion (vibration) of the ‘negative’ perception. What action is driven by this feeling state?

By going through these steps you are acknowledging your Ego. And you prevent going into compensating actions to resolve the tension. Keep the tension! This is first part to reassign the power to the future you actually want to create.


  1. Is what you tell yourself & belief the truth?
  2. What do you love? Let go of the conflict. Visualize and be in the end result you really want! Take time to imagine what you love and drop into the emotion (vibration).
    1. How does this feel?
    2. What action is driven by this feeling state?
  3. What’s the obvious conclusion & action to take?

Congratulations! Going through this process and reassigning your power to your Set B makes all the difference. It literally sets you free! From unconscious Victim to conscious Creator!

Now its time follow through and take action!

PS: If you need help with that, check the ‘Training in Consciousness‘ or just get in touch with me here!

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