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Separation or wholeness: what is real – what is concept?

What are concepts?
Assumptions about how reality is.

Why do we need concepts?
Because we do not know how reality is.

Concepts can be simple and close to reality, or complex and far away, or even contrary.

Concepts are for example: Religions, worldviews, theories, karma, personality typing, personal development, numerology, alchemy, chakras, consciousness shifting but also language and even our identity, meaning our sense of individual existence, are also a concept. Assumptions about how something is. An attempt to describe reality. But not how it actually is.

The problem with concepts

The problem is not that we use concepts, because we need concepts to survive as an individual. The problem is when we believe concepts are reality. And therefore not being aware of our concepts.

The more assumptions a concept contains the more complex it becomes. And with complexity comes separation. Because every assumption, every definition, divides the inherent wholeness of reality into partial aspects.

And with each additional assumption, the subjectively felt separation intensifies: We believe to be separated from happiness, fulfillment, wholeness, love, success, community etc.. And experience SUFFERING.

This connection has been aptly paraphrased by the poet William Blake:

William Blake, Newton, 1795.

William Blake painted the famous scientist Isaac Newton in 1795 to convey his strict ideas about science that defined his life. And paraphrased the effect of defining everything that is, providing it with assumptions:

“You destroy the soul of the world by giving everything a name.”

William Blake to Isaac Newton

With every assumption the world is more and more divided into small parts. By giving everything a name wholeness is turned into separation. The soul stands for wholeness. The ego for separation,

Our need to know

We all have a need to understand, to know who we are and what is true.

This longing can lead us towards reality. Or (at first) deeper into concepts.

Escape into concepts

One can take refuge and hide in concepts. Ultimately out of fear of not knowing. For example, technology becomes an end in itself and a compensation for this fear. Concepts become a means of control. But since one does not find true answers through this, one can draw the logical fallacy: Even more concept, more control, and one thereby goes even more into separation.

And follows, for example, others who define who and what is good or bad: “These are the saints / the saviors, these are the bad guys.” Another concept. Because everything is. Every being has a heart and is an expression of the One Divine Consciousness. If one denies oneself to see this in the other, one denies oneself one’s own wholeness. And remains in the concept and in separation.

Journey back to reality

On the journey back from separation into reality and into harmony, concepts can be signposts. The famous finger pointing (concept) to the moon (reality). The emphasis is on ‘can’, because concepts are not a condition.

The more someone suffers and lives in separation, the more (separating) assumptions and concepts are believed and felt to be real. Here, even complex concepts can actually be helpful when someone is deep in separation, because they offer many answers to the many questions. And that satisfies the need to know. At least temporarily. Because no concept is true. So sooner or later you shamble from concept to concept, each getting simpler and simpler. Until one day you can let go of the last concept. And rediscover yourself as what you are. Reality. Freedom.

Probably the simplest concept: I am (not).

Reality is not understandable

For the mind. Because the mind is past referenced, it understood but does not understand. Reality is now, in the moment. The mind is reflection of the past. The bubble of its own subjective self-fulfilling perception.

To open to not knowing is to die – of concept. Of identity. That’s what scares – the identity, the concept.

From reality, it’s humorous. Because it is not real. The fear has no substance.

If you take this step and let go, the miracle of life begins. We return to ourselves. A sentient being that thinks. Not the other way around.

And from this point of view concepts are wonderful. An instrument of our own being. Not a goal but an art and a key. Also for others. To find reality again – oneself.

A wonderful game.

Concepts – thus also real?

Now I’m curious, what do you think?

If you are curious to question your concepts and express yourself and your being, I invite you to my training and seminar offer. Because that’s what it’s all about: Waking up from concept to you. A wonderful journey of discovery ✨

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