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What’s the real problem of the world?

There are many proposals, such as the climate crisis, totalitarismus, patriarchary, the elite, technocracy, socialism, overpopulation, or pollution.

I’ld propose that’s not the problem. Just the symptom.

The real problem is people unconsciously seeking validation for their childhood wounding.

Which is the reason why we achieve, idealise, follow, destroy, control, manipulate in all forms and shapes. We perceive ourselves to be separate – and are hypnotised into believing that there is an external object that can complete us.

Why is that?

Individuation creates perceived separation

As consciousness (just a placeholder for something or nothing beyond any definition) we get born into a vehicle of experience, which we call the human body (or ego). Then all of us go through a phase called individuation. In this phase we seek validation for who we are. Specifically nurturing from our mum and acknowledgement from our dad. The degree might differ, but what we all have in common, we don’t get a complete validation for who we truly are.

As a result we assume that there is something wrong with us – that who we are is not enough. We believe we are wounded. And perceive ourselves to be separate. From the perspective of our ego, that makes us unviable and is detrimental to our survival – we start developing behaviour to compensate for that wound – whatever it takes. We have to survive after all! At least that’s the assumption of the ego.

That mechanical mechanism dedicated to our survival is what we call personality or identity. It’s the sum of the assumptions our ego made about us, others and the world based on our (individuation) experience – who we believe to be: The persona (mask) we use to cover our being. It’s a reactive and fixed mechanism dedicated to keeping us alive and orientated – it focuses on the ‘how’ and to control the circumstances. And projects its beliefs onto the world. As a result we continue experiencing ourselves as separate, which then confirms our beliefs. A closed loop echo chamber.

That’s why our life then is dedicated to: Attack, submission or flight.

Or in modern terminology: Optimization, improvement, achievement, healing, planning, power, control. Or simply following along with the rules, expectations and doctrines of authorities, media or society. 

Not living life, but following a mechanical process.

We are identified with an illusion.

Because that sense of separated self, the wounds we compensate for, don’t really exist. Noone is actually wounded or separated. Our true being is unimpaired by experience. It was here, it is, and will always be there. It’s who we are – a human ‘being’ after all.

As long as we live a compensation for who we are, we extend our suffering and prolong our mechanical aka process subservient life experience. Technocracy, ai worshipping and transhumanism are just an extension of the hypnotic desire to compensate, taking the illusionary quest to optimise and transcend one’s flawed identity to the extreme. 

Chasing a mirage.

So what’s the solution? 

Simply stop the external seeking of validation. And ‘be‘ with your Self. Wake up to the truth of you. You are whole, connected, a part of everything. You are the one Self expressing itself through all and everything. A mystery – a miracle – the wonder called life.

That’s who you are – and what you can experience.

Time to take self responsibility and discover and develop the qualities you are externally looking for in yourself. That will enable you to get over your personal self – and become an adult. (Which might be a great fit, as you probably already have the adult body.  )

If that’s not yet in the realm of your experience that’s no problem. The sun is sometimes clouded, though it’s safe to assume it’s there. Same for who you are. Your true being might be clouded by thoughts and feelings, but you have the choice to assume it’s there. Your ego assumes you’re separate, which leads to you experiencing that. So start using assumptions for once to your favour

Sooner or later the sun is unclouded – sooner or later you’ll realise who you are.

After all – it’s who you are, already.

A simple choice.

You might even realize – there is no problem. The only problem – your perception.

What a wonder. ✨

If you’re curious to explore that further, let’s connect – as that is what my offering is about: to empower you to express and be who you are.

PS: The #Achuar at #Sharamentsa welcoming us to the beauty of the Amazon. Photo credits @ajwhites

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