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Your View Point doesn’t Matter – that’s Why it Matters

“The ability to observe without judgment is the highest form of intelligence.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

This gaze is probably not entirely non-judgmental, you definitely feel observed.

Your View Point doesn’t matter

But seriously – freedom is beyond your own point of view. We have one, but we are not it. Prison is the identification with your own view point. In truth, it is only one (view) point of countless others on the one canvas. The canvas is who we are.

Freedom means being able to fully comprehend the view points of others – without necessarily having to agree with them. And to recognize that everyone has (more or less good) reasons that support their point of view. Everyone makes ‘sense’ in relative terms.

That’s why it matters!

Once we realize this, view points are no longer personal, the struggle for the right one is over. And we can realize that we all have something in common – the canvas – the ground of being. Consciousness that perceives itself through a multitude of unique view points. This realization is coming home to ourselves. Inherently connected – whole. ✨

And free to celebrate your View Point!

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