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Let’s kickstart your Flow! ????

???? What it’s about:

Freeing one’s own flow of speech through intuitive speaking while exercising empathy and mental flexibility, by taking different Points of View. Skills that are immensely helpful in any situation. And a prerequisite for releasing one’s own creativity.

???? Why:

Each of us has a more or less rusty Point of View ???? Rediscovering yourself behind as a free spirit is incredibly invigorating & liberating! Language creates – “in the beginning was the word” – time to intuitively revive our flow of language! (You have it too – maybe just haven’t discovered it yet).

???? For whom:

All who are interested in expressing themselves, rediscovering themselves (linguistically) and meeting their creative spirit anew beyond pre-judgments! And are not averse to a little challenge. ????

Join us now, I look forward to hearing your voice ????????