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Where limiting structures fall and open up a space for the expression of your true being. An immersion into cultures which are so connected to their creative spirits and the mystical world is real.

Far away from modern civilization, you will

  • ???? Immerse yourself in untouched and pristine Amazonian Rainforest, swim in its flowing rivers, consecrate ourselves in sacred waterfalls and connect with 600 year ancient Kapok trees.
  • ???? Live and become family with native indigenous tribes with an intact wisdom lineage tracing back 100s of years, deeply rooted in a life centred cosmovision.
  • ???? Participate in dream interpretation and heart opening ceremonies, learn from their ancient traditions and experience their mystical way of experiencing life.
  • ???? Let go of what is holding you back in life, also in an (optional) Ayahuasca ceremony led by the wisdom keepers of the Sápara nation, a unique opportunity to re encounter with your true essence in a pristine & traditional setting.
  • ???? Have the rare opportunity to learn from indigenous leadership and be touched & inspired by their vision for all of earth.
  • ???? Make a real difference financially and spiritually to the wellbeing and preservation of indigenous culture and this precious but threatened ecosystem.

We – an intimate group of 14 – will become family by going together through an inner and outer deeply transformative journey mainly guided by the wise people of the forest and the forest itself.????????

Are you ready to experience a deep relaxation of your nervous system as never before?

Then prepare to leave civilization behind to deepen your soul connection and renew your body & mind. Let’s embark on a life-changing Amazonian adventure in Ecuador!

Any questions let us know!