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The Creative Process is the most successful process in human history. All the great arts, accomplishments, inventions are its outcome. And you can learn & apply it too. To not only wake up to your inherent human creative ability but to also create what you love. Independent on what you think is possible, belief about yourself or your circumstances.

The Creative Process is not Problem solving

You can solve all the problems of the world, and still not have what you want. Not having a problem does not equate to having what you want. That is the fallacy of many if not most initiatives (such as non-profits and ngos) who are focused on solving the problems of the world. They might temporarily succeed in removing a problem, but don’t create lasting change because (local) communities were not empowered to take destiny in their own hands. And that’s why problems tend to reoccur. Which calls for more outside help. The result: A continuous dependency of (local) communities on the outside.

Time for a paradigm shift

The Creative Process is a solution to many problems of the world. It empowers local communities to create the future they themselves envision. No more outside dependency.

See whats possible

And watch the following documentary by management consultant and creative development trainer Robert Fritz, about the Uganda Project, and initiative that empowered thousands of Ugandan over the years to become independent on outside help by bringing their own vision for their families and communities to life.

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We started sharing this immensely empowering technology with the indigenous community of Sharamentsa in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest and would love to spread it further.

If that resonates and you and your (indigenous) community would like to learn the Creative Process, please get in touch with us here:

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