The Deep Heart: Our Portal to Presence + Non-dual Wisdom & Psychotherapy | John Prendergast (#91)

John Prendergast PhD, a now retired psychotherapist with four decades of experience, is a spiritual teacher and author of several books about Non-duality & Psychotherapy including “The Deep Heart: Our Portal to Presence”.

In this heart opening conversation John Prendergast not only guides us to discover and embody our true Self, but also provides a holistic approach to navigate potential pitfalls on our spiritual pilgrimage from head to heart. ❤️✨

Themes & Keywords

  • The multidimensional heart: Ego, Soul and Self
  • Our true nature: Presence and wholeness
  • Embodied Self recognition
  • The Paradox: We are both whole and wounded
  • Transcendence and healing: Mutually beneficial not contradictory
  • Accessing our inner heart wisdom
  • The 3 stages on our spiritual pilgrimage from head to heart
  • Truth: The key requirement
  • How genuine nondual spiritual realization naturally supports trauma therapy
  • And much more! Enjoy ❤️

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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