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Vision Beyond Perception – Self Transformation

I started the Beyond Perception channel and podcast a bit more than 2 years ago with the aim of learning more about being (human) and sharing my discoveries.

That has definitely happened. My self-perception has changed fundamentally. And the vision of Beyond Perception has also sharpened as a result.

My vision for Beyond Perception: An inspiration & platform for self transformation.

What is Self transformation?

A fundamental transformation of self understanding and orientation.

In a nutshell: Finding answers within oneself to the fundamental questions of life:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the meaning of my life?
  3. What do I want to create?

The following analogies describe this wonderful and ultimately unavoidable journey to oneself:

Alchemical transmutation

The core principle of the alchemical process of transformation is: “Make what is fixed volatile and then fix it anew.” What does that mean?

1. “Making the fixed volatile”.

Means to release oneself from a limited, restricted, fixed self-conception, to find oneself Beyond Perception – beyond one’s own subjective glasses. To realise: “I am not my thoughts, feelings, conditioning, problems, experiences, traumas, dysfunctionalities, identity neither form nor matter…”

And to recognise oneself again as subtle, fine, all-encompassing spirit, as transpersonal consciousness neither defined nor limited by experience, space and time: “I am. All and nothing. Limitless potential. All-encompassing love. And there is nothing to do.”

And at the same time also to experience oneself as a unique, individual view from and to this creation creating from itself: “I am i – an individual, perfect expression of this all-embracing spirit with a unique essence.”

2. “Fix anew”

From this true self-understanding and the recognised inherent freedom and wholeness, the decision can follow – out of free choice and joy – to consciously accept the experience vehicle human being – shadow and light – “i am“. And to ‘fix’ oneself anew: To face one’s own dysfunctional patterns in order to free oneself from limiting conditioning and to live (more and more) in harmony with one’s own essence. And to express one’s inherent creative potential and purpose.

“Each person has come into manifestation for a certain purpose”

Ramana Maharshi

First Waking Up Then Waking down

Another helpful analogy: the spiritual teacher John Prendergast described the first process as ‘waking up’ and the second process as ‘waking down’.

  1. First the awakening upwards from the identification with concepts, beliefs, dogmas, one’s own personality and the human experience vehicle in order to then
  2. Secondly the awakening downwards to also lovingly and unconditional embrace one’s human experience vehicle in its imperfect perfection as part of one’s own being.

From reactive to creative

The final analogy for this human journey towards oneself:

  1. From external orientation: To conditions, conditioning, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, problems and to see the (unconscious) meaning of life in reacting to or changing these external circumstances. Unconsciously compensating for fear and lack and thus perpetuating it.
  2. Towards inner orientation: Recognising oneself in one’s wholeness and consciously giving creative expression to one’s own being and one’s own ideas and visions. For the sake of love and devotion.

Result: Freedom

So enough theory: truth is beyond concepts and words.

Interested in discovering these topics in practice?

Then – let’s go!

My offer Beyond Perception

With my offer:

  1. Coaching,
  2. Events and
  3. Podcast.

I would love to support you exactly in this wonderful re-orientation to yourself!

I can’t imagine anything more wonderful ❤️

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