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What is love?

This article is dedicated to my soul love Brendi ❤️✨
Brendi you opened my eyes to love. Te amo – juntos para siempre.”❤️✨

There are countless perspectives and ways to describe or define love. And by no means my perspective is definitive. Though I’ld suggest, what we commonly refer to as love, is most probably not love.

“I love my partner”. Great. Though let’s see what happens, when (s)he cheats on you or wants to leave you. Do you still love your partner? “Fuck hell, no!”. You see, then it wasn’t love. (That doesn’t mean you shall remain in a dysfunctional relationship). Because,

Love is neither conditioned nor conditional.

Love is.

In other words, love is not dependant on circumstances, things or actions someone including us does.

What we tend to confuse love with are romantic feelings, e.g. in a relationship, which are really just the projection of our unmet childhood validation onto someone else. With the expectation and hope that our partner will complete us. It’s not for the sake of love, it’s for the sake of validation – it’s conditional. And that is not love. Love might be there, but intermingled and overshadowed by egoic projections.

To be in love means to be connected. Connected to our Self first. It’s not the job of our partner to love us. Our partner is free to love us or not. Love is unconditional.

Love is. Simply for the sake of it.

It’s is our inherent connection to everything throughout time and space. Love is the oneness of everything. Love is inclusive. Love is transpersonal.

Children can disappoint in a terrible way, but parents love them anyway. They don’t stop loving them. That is love.

Love is what you are truly connected to and what you hold in your heart.

On a personal level – love is what you want its own sake, not because it gives you something. ‘All art is useless’ as Oscar Wilde said. In it’s essence art is an expression of love.

On the deepest level love is the realization that you are everything and everyone – the one Self blissfully and wonderfully animating a transpersonal dream of consciousness. Beyond the illusion of separation.

Many people – if not most – confuse love with what they (unconsciously) define as good. They believe that if they are good enough, a force outside themselves will give them what they want. This kind of thinking confuses love with a manipulative process to get love.

Nobody can earn love. There is nothing one can do, to experience love. It’s beyond cause and effect. Love simply is. For each one of us to be recognized and received – or not. The only thing one can ‘do’, is to chose to let go of one’s attachment to control and surrender one’s personal agenda for the deeper truth of our being.

And by grace one experiences the love that is there – always.

Omnipresent for everyone and everything.

Redemption ❤️

Bliss ✨

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