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You are not the Mind – You have a Mind

You are not the mind. You have a mind.

Let that sink in. It’s a powerful statement. With liberating implications.

You are not what you think, feel, believe, perceive or experience. The mind is simply a tool. And as for any tool, it only works as good as you use it.

Often you hear that suffering is an unavoidable part of the human condition. What if that’s just a rationalization of not knowing ‘how’ to use the mind. And confusing oneself with the mind.

I suggest the mind is a miracle and works perfectly. It produces exactly what it’s instructed to do. Without any doubt or failure. Ever.

You may say, well my mind is not ‘producing’ what I want.

If that’s the case – the real question is: Are you really clear on what you want?

Most people confuse what they want, with the opposite of what they don’t want. That’s a deadend: You can get rid of all your problems (=what you don’t want), and still don’t have what you want.

And what you are really focused on is: Problems and current circumstances. So the mind just creates more of that: Problems and more circumstances you need to deal with. That’s called a reactive orientation and living a life compensating for what you perceive is lacking. A self fulfilling prophecy: A life of lack, struggle and victimhood. Suffering.

And even if you perceive it as something you want, what you don’t want is NOT what you want.

What you want is simply what you want.

And that’s not tied to circumstances – it’s independent of them. Because it’s what you want. It might be a meaningful relationship, a fulfilling vocation, time for you, space to self express, experiencing the bliss of being… 

Another way to phrase it – if all circumstantial needs and perceived requirements for safety, wealth, approval, status, connection, knowledge, sanity, enlightenment, intelligence (or whatever else you think you are lacking)… were satisfied – what would you then love to do, create, be or experience?! 

That’s what you want.

And you have the freedom to choose and focus on that just now. Without first sacrificing your lifetime by fighting and struggling with circumstances. At that defining moment you are starting to use your mind for what you want. The circumstances then simply become your starting line – and are not longer defining the purpose of your life and what’s possible or not.

You are moving from a reactive to a creative orientation.

And then you start recognising, your mind just works perfectly fine. 

And it always did.

The mind – a miraculous tool.

Time to make use of your wings. Don’t you think?

Most probably that’s not something you did hear in school or got encouragement in. It might seemed far fetched, unrealistic or even blasphemic.

I get it – that’s where I come from, too.

And that’s why I do what I do and what all my offering is about: Share with you the basic principles of reality, so that what I wrote about above, does not remain a theoretical concept or abstract dream but becomes a reality – for you.

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