The Art of Creating 2

WORKSHOP: Principles of Alchemy

The Human Tendency to conform

The starting point for change is the realization that groups of people have an unconscious urge to conform to “the way things are”. Conformity is a social tendency. As a result, we unconsciously confine ourselves to well-trodden paths and are reluctant to engage with anything that is not completely familiar to us.

This means that we are comparatively stuck while life flows with possibilities. In order to flow with life – to live functionally, empowered by a creative perspective – we must first let go of our tendency to conform & adapt. We must let go of how we believe it is. Once we let go, we experience how it really is and we are then able to respond to life appropriately and with integrity. The truth is that life exists outside of our concepts. Concepts are dead. We engage with life when we are free from our concepts.

Joy is the emotion that tells us that we are directly connected to life. It is the emotional equivalent of freedom.✨😀

There are basically two orientations in life:

  1. The egoic and
  2. the soul (or genius).

The two modes of consciousness that represent or even determine the egoic and spiritual orientation are perception and intuition.

Alchemy is about continually revealing these two modes of consciousness that are available to you and gaining the ability to leave your limited egoic perception and rely on your infinite superconscious intuition.

HOW to do this – one of the core topics in Advanced Workshop 2 – ‘Principles of Alchemy’: To transform your shadow into light and manifest your heart in the world❤️💫

The Intention of this Workshop!

An advanced training in the art of creative life alignment, designed to further open creative consciousness and self-awareness.

Based on a deeper understanding of the essential principles of transformation, the workshop offers a model for sustainably overcoming ego-based (limited) thinking & behavior and for acting on an ingeniously creatively inspired level of consciousness.

Educational ThemeS:

  • Alchemical Principles: The 3 stages of the transformation process.
  • Automatic Association: Intuitive techniques for high level creative function.
  • Advanced Communication: Recognizing and neutralizing our own manipulative tendencies to get what we really want.
  • Creative Synergy: Learning to create harmoniously as a group thanks to ‘swarm intelligence’ through the contribution of each individual.
  • Dysfunctional Formation: Learning the structure of our over-pattern to sustainably break free from reactive orientation.
  • Introduction to macro-structural patterns: Recognizing creative blocks & limitations.
  • Functional Creating: How to detach from our egoic agenda to sustainably realize our heart.
  • Enneagram: Experiencing & recognizing personality types as pure compensatory logic and thus detaching from them.
  • Neutralizing the Shadow: Recognizing and pacifying our own unseen aspects.
  • Creative choice making: Using the emotions of true end results for creating vividly.

Important: This workshop is not (only) about intellectual understanding but above all about the practical application and (self-) experience of creative premises. Neither is it about imparting a belief system or ‘the’ truth, rather about a framework and principles that enable self-realization & truth-finding: Actual Self Empowerment.



  • Next date: To be announced soon.
  • Time: 5 days


  • Online via Zoom


The introductory price for TAoC 1 graduates is CHF 500. (The regular price is 1’000 CHF.)


What previous participants said:

It’s not so easy to put the experience of the two weekends of the second Structural Creativity trip and seminar series into words. In any case, I am glad to have made the journey. Among other things, it made me aware of my own shadow. Even if it sometimes feels like it takes nerves of steel to face it, this weekend has brought me a little closer to it – to the much-cited wholeness, which also includes my own shadow in this humanity. And it’s nice, because the shadow is there anyway. Accepting and seeing this, becoming more alive and more capable as a result, was a valuable experience for me. And enabled me to slip more into the costume of being human 😉 🎭
Of course, there was also joy, excitement and fun on this trip. You were a competent and high-quality tour guide Simon. I could feel the appreciation with which you treated your fellow travelers, the openness with which you shared your experiences and the love with which you shared your knowledge and offered these perspectives.


What a ride through the mountains and valleys of your own emotional world! Anyone who can cook a good Grisons barley soup knows that patiently sticking with it will ultimately reward everyone with the rich, full-bodied, unmistakable taste of their own creation. You, Simon, with patience, mischievousness, nerves of gold and concentrated focus, keep reminding us of the essentials. You make us readjust with astonishing moments of surprise when we are chasing the fly in the ointment. May we all be granted that the soup succeeds. There will hardly be a shortage of potatoes! 😄 🥔 🥢


The training in “Structural Creativity” will truly be a hero’s journey. 😉 The first weekend of the second course was quite challenging. Being confronted once again with dysfunctional patterns – although I actually thought I was already past that 🙈 – but the tension then dissipated as a result of my awareness during the exercises and the rest of the course. I was able to gain a lot of insights from this and it felt easier again afterwards. The second weekend was very exciting. Using the Enneagram to neutralize the shadows and then finally using the emotions to create life 💪 – especially in the group – was an indescribable experience for me.

Dear Simon, the dedication with which you guided us through this seminar was palpable at every moment and it is infectious to embark on your own hero’s journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful experiences. 🙏 All the best until course III,


I’ve always wanted a submarine, but the depth of the second part definitely surprised me. Although I knew that it would be profound, I couldn’t have anticipated the points I would come to about myself and the undiscovered issues or issues I thought I had closed. Not to mention the beliefs that we got to the bottom of. I would say we took a thorough look at the reason! I can only recommend this seminar to anyone who has set out or wants to set out to discover their true creative power. Thank you all for the wonderful adventure and see you on the next one! Best regards,


Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this workshop?

For all graduates of the workshop The Art of Creation 1 who want to take the next step into their own power and greatness. To actively and positively change your life circumstances and bring your true vision to life!

What are the requirements for participation?

Actually only interest, openness to new things & curiosity 😃 Otherwise the presence on all dates, a working camera & microphone and the consent to record the workshop.

What can I expect?

Much more than can be explained in words… a small foretaste:

Everyone is familiar with dysfunctional behavior patterns: compensation strategies designed to compensate for our unconscious, limiting beliefs – limited assumptions about how we, others or the world are. Paradoxically, however, this leads to the motivation (= lack) underlying this false assumption being further manifested. We have already begun to look at this in the first workshop.

One of the premises we have established so far: When we experience problems or conflicts, these are the result of our compensation strategies. In other words, our focus was on compensation rather than on our truth. The ‘golden’ rule: do everything but compensate 😊

It is essential to better understand this compensation mechanism in the context of our wholeness. Because only awareness opens up a real choice. ✨ Not the choice within the prison (compensation & reaction) but the choice to be outside the prison – free ⭐️

One of the topics in the next workshop: We will go one step further and understand our patterns even deeper. We will realize that every time before we experience problems or conflicts, we actively perform a certain number of identifiable actions (usually about 20 steps). When you first discover this, it’s quite startling – but then makes it (even) more obvious how we are actually creators – and are anything but passively at the mercy of circumstances…

Of course, we don’t stop there – but will use this realization for our own empowerment: Because what becomes visible in the context of our wholeness – is effectively neutralized. 💪👌

Because our experience is not personal, but structural.

I.e. compensation or not-knowing, freedom, joy, wonder… ⭐️✨
A choice that is actually open to everyone.

Curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’: 5 workshops

The complete curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’ consists of 5 workshops with in-depth training topics that build on each other. The first advanced workshop ‘The Art of Creating 2’ is self-contained and offers a solid foundation for the independent development of your own potential. And a springboard for the 3 further workshops.


I look forward to your binding registration.

If you are generally interested but can not attend the above date, just write to me – and I ‘ll notify you as soon as new dates are fixed.

I look forward to exciting, horizon-expanding days with you! 😃💪