Wo/Man vs. Persona

Workshop: ‘Wo/Man vs Persona’ – The Lawful & Legal way to Freedom

Since 2020, I spent a lot of time studying Natural Law and the ‘Wo/Man vs. Person’ programming, which is to me:

  1. really the most foundational ‘misconception’: as persona (which we implicitly & unknowingly consent to e.g. through using ids) you don’t have (human) rights and full ownership of your property,
  2. but also the lawful & legal route to freedom: Because, if you reclaim to be a wo/man you are above the government (public servants), while as a person you are below (authority).

The whole system seems to actually be working “well” based on your consent.

What this workshop is:

This workshop is about the foundations of Natural Law / Rights and Law (Reality – Wo/Man) vs. Legal (Fiction – Persona / Title) in order to (re)claim our powers & rights as wo/man = powerful creative beings!

It is NOT about fighting something or breaking law. But about the mechanics governing this reality and sharing a roadmap for a lawful & legal way to freedom. To mentally & emotionally detach from the ‘system’ by reclaiming your energy & essence!

In a nutshell it’s to move from the right to the left:

Note: I don’t have all the answers (yet) & it is definitely NOT legal advice but a spiritual, philosophical & psychological knowledge share!


This series of workshops has the intention to educate you about:

  1. Where you can go (Destination): Get you an understanding of what Freedom is & what your rights are!
  2. Where (who) you are right now: The jurisdictions at your capacity (‘levels of the game’)
  3. How to get there: The ‘rules’ of the game

Workshop I (ca. 2-3h)

  1. What’s Freedom & do we have Free Will?
  2. Freedom vs. (Mind) Control
  3. How to regain Free Will
  4. TRIVIUM: How to discover truth beyond belief!
  5. Jurisdiction of Law: Spiritual Law, Natural Law, Commercial Law
  6. Natural Law: ‘7 Hermetic Principles’
  7. Freedom vs. Control: The Scale of Consciousness
  8. Morality: Difference between right & wrong
  9. Natural Law Transgressions: What is harm & wrong?
  10. Force vs. Violence
  11. Natural Law vs. Man’s Law or the Legal System
  12. Lawful vs. Legal (Taxation, Prohibition, Licenses & Permits)
  13. The illusion of ‘authority’
  14. Natural Law reflection in Man’s Law

Workshop II (ca. 2-3h)

  1. The 3rd Jurisdiction: Commercial Law
  2. The Anatomy of Agreements
  3. How we unknowingly consent to offers
  4. How to withdraw consent to offers being made
  5. The history & legal framework of Wo/Man vs. Persona
  6. The 2 languages: How you speak defines who (Wo/Man vs. Persona) you are
  7. Egregores: How our energy is used & what to do about it
  8. How to set boundaries & express Free Will
  9. Reclaiming your energy & essence


Next event: Tbd. (Drop me a message, and I’ll inform you as soon as the next dates are scheduled.)

Past event: 14th May 2021


It’s 100% donation based. After the workshop, you have the opportunity to pay what it was worth to you & what you can afford. If you can’t afford anything right now, that’s is fine and you are more than welcome to join anyway. No obligation or pressure. Because you are free 🙂

It’s a test for me to share this information widely without selling something or excluding anyone because of monetary considerations, while also having a compensation for my time and the literally 100s of hours invested into these topics.

Who is it for

Every open and curious wo/man, who is interested in exploring reality beyond what they are currently aware of.


Drop me a line if you are interested, and I’ll inform you as soon as the next workshop is scheduled!