Critical Thinking – What Does It Really Mean?

Let's quickly recap the Trivium here, which is the method of truth discovery: It's based on these 3 pillars, which involve & rely on objective thinking and recognising unconscious cognitive biased: Grammar = Knowledge = InputLogic = Understanding = ProcessingRhetoric = Wisdom = Application = Output Or in other words, to have the output in … Continue reading Critical Thinking – What Does It Really Mean?

Natural Law vs. Man’s Legal Law: What are you subject to?

Important: This is NOT legal advice - this is a philosophical exploration. If you haven't please read this foundational article first. Natural Law and Man's Law or the Legal System are NOT the same. They can be aligned (theoretically) or differ (massively) - it's a whole spectrum! Natural Law based upon principles & truth inherent … Continue reading Natural Law vs. Man’s Legal Law: What are you subject to?

Truth – The Ultimate Empowerment

"And the truth shall set you free." Bible, John 8:32. Knowledge about the true nature of reality is key to wake up from unconscious limiting believes and individual perception (you are not your thoughts and emotions) and discover true Self = who you really are. Which leads to Self respect (how can you fully respect your Self if you don't know what it is?), the requirement for your empowerment. And your freedom. There is an inherent truth to reality, it is not individual perception and opinions ("thats my truth!") or dogmas & belief systems (cultural religion, money, new age, government, scientism). Discovering truth means waking up from unconscious patterns and raising your consciousness. Which means nothing else but aligning your individual subjective perception of reality more and more with the actual truth of reality.