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Spiritual & Natural Law: What are your Rights & what’s Freedom? Why Morality matters!

Important: This is NOT legal advice – this is a philosophical exploration.

While this article is written from a perspective of us being consciousness / spiritual beings, it goes beyond a purely spiritual perspective. From a spiritual perspective it is very simple, as we are all consciousness from the same source there is no right or wrong – everybody is free to make their choices (and experience the consequences). These laws are:

Spiritual laws

  1. All beings come from the same divine source.
  2. All beings have the same right to exist.
  3. All beings have free will (the right to play a game, whatever it is).
  4. All beings have the right for spiritual freedom (to leave a game).

(Based on the teachings of Ruth Huber, you can read more here and here.)

Thats it, pretty simple.

Provided, that we as spiritual beings all made the free choice at some point to participate in duality and incarnate, we are experiencing the consequences of that decision now having this human experience.

Therefore, let’s explore the specific rules of this game. Because, once we have a better understanding of the mechanisms governing this ‘game’ or reality we can make more conscious choices about how we want to play this game (or leave) – instead of acting unconsciously in autopilot mode, perpetuating suffering while possibly not even knowing its a game (the default experience in this game I’ld suggest).

First thing to wrap ones’ head around: There are ‘Universal Laws‘ or ‘Universal Principles’ governing our dualistic reality! These mechanisms have been thought for millennia to the initiated and are also called:

Natural Law: ‘7 Hermetic Principles

  1. The Principle of Mentalism: “The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
  2. The Principle of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below so above.”
  3. The Principle of Vibration: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”
  4. The Principle of Polarity: Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”
  5. The Principle of Rhythm: “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect: “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law.”
  7. The Principle of Gender: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles.”

(You can read more about them in the book ‘The Kybalion‘. I will also write about what they are, why they are relevant and how they impact us in another article.)

And yes I get it, when you read that for the first time, it sounds very abstract, possibly irrelevant and you might be tempted to not bother much. However, thats a logical fallacy – stay with me! 🙂

LAWS – Not a believe system

These principles or laws are NOT a believe system, they can be discovered and experienced. However, that requires raising ones consciousness and breaking through the subjective paradigm of the limited perception of life we are born into and to discover and align with objective truth.

It is elementary to understand that you are bound to these mechanisms, no matter if you believe in them or even know they exist. Just like gravity. If you walk over a cliff not believing gravity exists, you will experience the consequences anyway – so you better know about these ‘Laws’ = the inherent rules of this reality.

Note: “Some of these rules can be bent, others can be broken” as Morpheus would say, but that depends on your level of consciousness and requires first that you understand them.

Free Will – a choice

At the most fundamental level these Laws set that each being – within the boundaries of Natural Law – has the right to do whatever it choses to do (consciously or unconsciously); that we have free will about how we want to live and what we want to do or experience. That we are causal for our life experience! And that whatever we do comes with consequences (for others but also for us), limiting or increasing the extent to which we experience free will – leading us either away from or towards freedom on the continuum between:

  1. CONTROL: Fear (Unconsciousness), Ignorance (Refusal of Truth), Confusion (Internal Anarchy), Chaos (Manifested Evil)
    • Possible experience: E.g. trapped in the past and/or future: Controlled by past decisions, regrets, patterns, fears, projections, expectations, others. Self Understanding: E.g. mechanistic, intellectual perspective on life, belief in authority and government, victim / perpetrator. World view: E.g. scientism, competition, darwinistic evolution, self preservation, eugenics, moral relativism, satanism, globalist agenda, technocracy. Consequences: Downward spiralling consciousness becoming denser and denser, trapped in the ‘karmic wheel’.
  2. FREEDOM: Love (Consciousness), Knowledge (Acceptance of Truth), Sovereignty (Internal Monarchy), Order (Manifested Good)
    • Possible experience: Free to experience and be in the present moment, connected with and guided by your Higher Self. Self understanding: Spiritual being having a human experience, belief in self responsibility, causality for every aspect of ones life, creator & connected with all life. World View: Science, cooperation, spirituality, involution. Consequences: Upward spiralling consciousness becoming lighter and lighter, possibly spiritual freedom, enlightenment & leaving the karmic wheel of reincarnation.

The Levels of Consciousness (initially presented by Dr. Hawkins) indicate the full range of human experience; each frequency level (from 1-1000) relates to a certain emotion and subjective perception of reality. Each human being experiences reality from one point on this spectrum between ‘Control’ (bottom) and ‘Freedom’ (top).

Freedom in that context does not mean one is above the law or ‘free’ of consequences. It means freedom within the boundaries of Natural Law and Morality. (Which can be transcended from a Spiritual perspective.)

Note: It is not just black and white, there are many shades of grey between these 2 poles. You possibly might never experience pure freedom within duality. However, as it is not just your actions (=output) but also your individual consciousness and intention (=input & processing) that matters, it is key to define for yourself where you want to strive towards to on that spectrum.

Real freedom requires Morality

What we experience ourselves as humans but also our society as a collective comes down to our individual choices and their consequences. The degree of Free Choice and Freedom we experience depends on the degree to which we align ourselves with Natural Law, or in other words our degree of morality. Freedom and Morality are directly proportional. If we want to experience freedom, we have to align our actions with Natural Law, if we want to experience control (both being victim or perpetrator are forms of control) we chose (consciously or unconsciously) to violate Natural Law.

A great introduction about this topic is the Natural Law seminar of Mark Passio – a MUST watch!

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More Information

If you continue reading this, I imply that you are interested in more Freedom – YEAH!! If you are not that’s your choice, but then you are part of the problem (as a human I am taking side) – and let’s face it – you contribute to the control mindset / consciousness intending to control this reality. Just because you are not aware of it, does not mean you are not promoting it and are ultimately accountable for it! Ignorance does not protect from consequences: (Un)conscious action counts. You are ALWAYS responsible for your actions. The globalist elite does know exactly how Natural Law works, that is why most of the world’s population is highjacked (mind controlled) into (un)knowingly consenting to their agenda (e.g. by following orders or policies without using or even developing their own conscience) and through that promoting and ultimately enabling evil. Thats how the few control the masses! And most importantly have the ignorant masses carry the karmic consequences of their evil agenda (it’s the order follower, not the order giver, who commits the action). (I will write about that in more detail in the further).

How to increase Freedom?

In a nutshell ‘The Principle of Correspondence’ says what you belief, think & project is what you experience, how you are on the inside is how you experience the world on the outside and vice versa. Translated to Freedom & Free Will:

  • Outside: The more you appreciate others Freedom, Free Will & their boundaries, the more you experience Freedom, Free Will & boundaries yourself.
  • Inside: The more you appreciate your own Freedom, Free Will & boundaries, the less your boundaries are violated from the world / your environment and the more freedom you are experiencing in your life.

This can mean valuing yourself & your boundaries by saying NO to others and YES to yourself. Discovering your Free Will by becoming conscious of your unconscious patterns & compensating strategies for limiting beliefs and transcending them. Understanding your essence is whole already and there is no lack or imperfection of you as a divine, spiritual being and also unconditionally loving yourself as an imperfect human being. Becoming an adult by taking full Self responsibility for all aspects of your life, which implies taking back your projections, expectations, assumptions towards others because they are not responsible for you. It also means you are not responsible for others, you don’t have to fix or carry anyone. They have the right to do whatever they want as long as they don’t cross or violate your free will, boundaries & property.

The result can be literally a huge energetical relieve as you are not fighting against Natural Law anymore but are (more) aligned with it. Or in other words: You are not using your energy anymore to control yourself & your environment and through that literally programming into your subconscious mind that you have no power = are powerless (because if you had, you would not need to control respectively compensate for the perceived lack), but are now using your liberated energy for yourself!

A huge relieve, raise in frequency, understanding and consciousness. Moving up the Scale of Consciousness.

Intention SETTING

First of all it comes down to what you focus on in your consciousness. Your thoughts literally create reality (‘The Principle of Mentalism’: read this article to understand how that works) – within the boundaries of Natural Law. Let’s do that now, e.g. by thinking, saying, writing an intention for yourself. That could be something along the lines of: “I am free! I claim free choice over all aspects of my life and being! I increase the degree of freedom in my life now! I accept free choice of others.”

Morality: Difference between right and wrong

Second we must know how we can align with Natural Law to then experience (more) freedom by acting accordingly: true morality. Lets start with a definition:

Moral is harmony with Natural Law: actions which do not result in harm to other sentient beings. Immoral is opposition to Natural Law: actions which result in harm to other sentient beings.

Mark Passio, Natural Law Seminar

Right or ‘a Right’ is therefore any action that does not cause harm to others. Which is nothing else then the Golden Rule: “Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated”.

Natural Law transgressions: What is harm & Wrong?

Harmful actions, wrong and therefore transgressions of Natural Law are:

  • Murder / Assault
  • Rape
  • Trespass
  • Coercion
  • Theft

Every harmful action that a human being is capable of taking is a form of theft! Some form of property is always being stolen when a wrong-doing is committed.

Forms of Property are:

  • Life & body (e.g. physical, emotional, mental, astral, spiritual)
  • Voice
  • Rights
  • Freedom & Free Will

No Victim, No Crime

A living being or their property must have been harmed in order for a violation of Natural Law, or a Wrong Doing, to have taken place.

Any action which does not cause such harm is a Right!

Natural Law is immutable & ‘hardcoded’ into this reality

Simply believing another definition of right (subjective perception) does not make it right in reality (objective truth; read Truth vs. Perception for more context). Even if 99.99% of the population agreed on making something a right, it would still be a wrong if it harmed one sentient being. It is not possible to create and delegate ‘rights’, which do not exist or take away ‘rights’ which do exist.

Force vs. Violence

It is important to also understand the difference between Violence and Force.

Non-Aggression Principle: Do not engage in Violence. Violence – the immoral initiation of physical power to coerce, compel or restrain – violates others’ Rights and is always wrong! (Violence does NOT become a right when government does it.)

  • Result: Crossing of boundaries!

Self-Defense Principle: Sentient beings have the inherent Right to use Force – energy, strength, active power – to defend themselves from Violence conducted upon them by another.

Real life example: If a child in the kindergarten starts beating another one for no reason, the attacked child has the right to defend itself e.g. by beating back. Both actions are NOT equal. One is using violence (transgression of law), the other one force (self defence). The logical fallacy would be to make BOTH children wrong for fighting by not differentiating between aggressor and self defence. Cause and Effect are NOT equal. (Of course, the attacked child also has the right to NOT defend itself. Thats it’s free choice).

  • Result: Defending / setting of boundaries!

SO What is the guarantee?

You might say, that sounds all pretty interesting but I have been getting along pretty well so far. How do I know this works, and also that it improves my situation?

To be brief: There is not guarantee whatsoever. While the spiritual laws are rights NOBODY can violate if you claim them, Natural Law is karmic meaning a violation has consequences, but they are not necessarily immediately. Also your life experience in the present moment is a result of your past & current choices and also the choices of other beings in this game, which effect you either directly and indirectly (through our shared collective consciousness – the sum of our individual consciousnesses). The extent to which others can effect you against your will, depends on your degree of alignment with Natural Law respectively your own frequency.

And as that is the core of your life experience – literally the filter through which you are experiencing anything – what better journey to embark on?

Your choice!

WORKSHOP About Natural Law & Its Application

Those who are interested to know more about it, I’ld love to invite to our next workshop ‘Wo/Man vs. Person: The Way to Freedom’. It’s about the foundations of Natural Law / Rights and Law (Reality – Wo/Man) vs. Legal (Fiction – Persona / Title) in order to (re)claim our powers & rights as wo/man = powerful creative beings!

More details here:

Note: By no means I want to give the impression I have mastered above, have a complete understanding or impose anything on anyone. The discovery and integration of Natural Law has changed my experience massively, though is certainly work in progress and while I am further concretising my understanding through writing I am also sharing my discoveries here. Feedback welcome 🙂 And please – as always – use your own conscience and make up your own mind! Don’t believe what I am writing – test & evaluate for yourself!

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