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Why: My Mission

Support you to wake up to reality from concept. To be who you truly are: Free, inspired, joyful and powerful.

What: It’s about waking up to truth beyond perception

Structural Consulting is not therapy. It is an exploration of the underlying structures in your life that produce your predictable patterns of behavior. Behaviours, personal and organizational issues are never situational, but always related to the underlying structure. The underlying structure gives rise to patterns, which give rise to situations.

Everything is structural. Structure is a combination of elements that impact each other. In Structural Consulting sessions, your structures will be a combination of what you want to create, how reality actually is, and the various concepts that you have. The concepts you have are usually hidden from yourself. But these concepts have an impact in influencing your life patterns.

Change always happens only at the level of the underlying structure.

And that change of structure will cause a change of your patterns.

For whom: Creators & Truth seekers

For everybody who wants to live in reality. There are no preconditions for a sessions other than having a situation or obstacle you would like to have more clarity about. No further context is required, however if you are interested you can find more context below.

How: Does Structural Consulting work?

A conversation over 1-2 hours. (Follow-up conversations may occur, but are the exception.)

More context in these articles about Structural Thinking, Structural Consulting for Organisations, Structural Dynamics and the Structural Tension Master Chart. As well as an interview with Rosalind Fritz, who is a master structural consultant and the director of the Structural Consulting Certification Program I am participating in.

What People say

I had a coaching session with Simon and it was truly profound and inspiring for me. Simon had an amazing ability to lead the discussion into the most skewed areas in my life and bring the most relevant conflicts into the light. It was a relieving experience to find the truth beyond conditioned belief systems and structures. And when we found what really is (not just a belief), we started integrating those immediately. It’s not just about knowledge, but action with understanding and the best intention.

If you are willing to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore and unleash your inner genius which we all are/have, I highly recommend investing in your own growth and booking a meeting with Simon.

Jukka P.

Simon is one of the best personal development trainer and coach I worked with so far! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Had the pleasure to attend his Structural Creativity seminar and also work with him 1:1. He has a unique ability to open up space for meaningful conversations and as a very strong active listener, it’s possible for him to help you reflect and realize the underlying structures that are causing us to behave in certain ways. I recommend listening to his podcast Beyond Perception where he hosts many interesting guests and I also recommend that you either attend one of his seminars or book him for a 1:1 coaching session, you won’t regret it!!

Peter G.

I found it a very empowering session and the way you patiently went through the many layers of my issue, never making suggestions, judging it or trying to fix it but instead just summarising my process and feeding that back to me, bit by bit, enabled me to join the dots. When you were testing me by reminding me of my free choice I hadn’t crossed the belief liberation bridge, but with more summaries eventually I did and couldn’t believe what I’d unconsciously been buying into. At the end when you explained how I’d been oscillating that too made so much sense and it felt so good to let go of a hindrance that was leaving me very vulnerable to narcissists. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, it had had me attracting them! This is a huge advancement for me – progress towards an important choice I’ve been making. Thanks a million Simon


The session was a real surprise. I thought I know my self quite well, but it turned out that I was (mostly likely still) very ignorant. It is a huge relief to see the basic motivation behind my actions – shocking and releasing. It feels that a big burden has been lifted from me at an instant. Now I am very curious to see how it gonna effect my daily life. Anyway, it helps me to be more aware of my action. I could learn that it makes a tremendous difference whether I am acting out of a blind deep rooted wrong assumption, which always creates tension, because we are not coherent, or acting out of love and freedom.

Max X.

We uncovered the conscious and especially the unconscious patterns to my chosen theme / vision. You asked me specific questions and reflected on my statements again and again, so that I could recognise and perceive my dysfunctional patterns and beliefs, and you also gave me enough time for this. I felt very clearly that through recognising and perceiving my patterns, they felt much lighter and in part even almost like neutral. This was a new experience for me and the realisation that when the unconscious becomes conscious, it loses its “effect”. You pointed out my concepts and reality to me to be able to perceive the difference. You always had the “red thread” in mind and our conversation was so wonderfully rounded off at the end – really coherent for me.

Ulli T.

About me:

You can find more information about me, my motivation and background here.

“To understand some phenomenon or set of phenomena, first rid your mind of all preconceptions.”

— Descartes

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