Mit Spannung Definitionen Lösen – der Prozess

Spannung und Konflikte sind großartige Gelegenheiten, die eigene Wahrnehmung zu schulen und eigene Mangelmuster und -programme ins Rampenlicht zu rücken. Normalerweise lösst dein Autopilot Spannungen unbewusst auf, indem du deine kompensierende Handlung ausführst. Allerdings verlängert dies nur dein ‘Leiden’, da das Muster weiter besteht und sich in einer ähnlichen Konstellation in neuem Gewand wieder manifestiert. Daher ist es unglaublich wichtig, sich der Spannungen, Ladungen, Konflikte oder Dilemmas bewusst zu werden!

‘The Law of Success’ by the Indian sage Yogananda

I just read the little book 'The Law of Success' by the Indian monk, yogi and guru P. Yogananda. It is truly wonderful as it condenses the path to Self Realization, what true success means & how to achieve it - and what really a fulfilled life is all about. All in such simple, short but truly powerful premises! (Although simple they surely take a life time (or many) to master). I paraphrase these premises below and add my take on it. Enjoy!!

Turning Tension into Creation – the Process

Moments of tension and conflict are great opportunities to train your awareness and put the spotlight on your patterns and programs. Important: Tension is great! Don't let your autopilot resolve tension unconsciously by executing your compensating action. If you let that happen, you will continue the suffering and the pattern will recreate the same constellation in a new format. Its key to become aware of tension, conflict or dilemmas! And the underlying beliefs creating it. Once you acknowledge them, you can make a step back and reassign the power to what you / your Higher Self really wants! The below process is an incredible tool to become aware of where your current focus and power is (remember Set A and B?), and then reattribute the focus where YOU want it to be (Vision / Endgoal)!