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Be As You Are

WHy: The intention of my coaching

  1. Self-realization: The deep recognition and expression of the creative being within. We are not here to simply create end results for their own sake. But to Be As We Are.
  2. Empowerment: Of people to use their innate natural genius ability effortlessly and effectively.

What: The essence of my coaching

  1. Creative Orientation: Formal recognition of the clients creative being and unique expression (never lose sight of their greatness and power) and empowering the embodiment of their true nature primarily through choices… vision, current reality, bridge and action.
    • Know thyself: intimately the light & shadow of the client and the forces at play.
    • Structural tension: Formulate true choices, setup a tension seeking resolution structure and continuously transform psychological into structural tension.
  2. Resistance: actively recognizing the forces that oppose their creative nature and will, and reconcile the opposing forces to bring their power back into creative expression.
    • Know the Enneagram type(s) and compensation strategies
    • Know their dysfunctional formation / pattern
  3. Intuition: use to reach through illusion to truth…. to recognize our true nature, see the path of our highest option, make the connection and follow through.

HOW: Ressources


  1. Choice formulation (DE)
    • Are choices only come from LoP? (not ego or compensation)
    • Is LoP fully covered in the choices? (don’t leave stuff out)
    • Is the wording clear? Is it a good instruction to the subconscious? (juicy, get the feeling)
  2. Limiting Beliefs
  3. Enneagram Type (DE)
  4. Dysfunctional Formation: Top Line
    • Structural Macro Patterning
  5. Structural Thinking (DE)
  6. Structural not Personal (DE)
  7. Structural Tension Master Chart
  8. Digital Decision Making (Sheet)
  9. Frames in Structural Thinking


  1. Structural Thinking (DE)
  2. Structural Consulting for Organisations
  3. Business Strategy Workshop
  4. Structural Tension Master Chart
  5. Digital Decision Making & Performance Review (Sheet)


  1. Innocence (DE)
  2. Individuation
  3. Deine Fülle
  4. Schriftliche Führung
  5. Akzeptanz – Widerstand lösen (What you resist, persists)
    • Think of a problem / negative issue:
    • Chose to get the benefit of the exercise
    • Now imagine you resist the problem, what do you notice
    • You dont have to want it, like it, enjoy it, but just imagine just letting it be
    • What happened?? The truth about what happens when you resist, and when you dont!

Tools for working with resistance

  1. Choices (connecting with end results)
  2. Straight out Intuition Reading
    • Observing the obvious
    • Circle of knowing
    • Talking symbols
  3. Conflict Deconstruction Process (DE)
    • Conflict with Integrity
  4. Genius Alignment Process (DE)
  5. Self-Mastery Method
  6. Dysfunctional Attention Transformation System (DATS)
  7. Circle Work (with Bridges)
    • Truth/Resistance circles
    • Will/Resistance Circles
    • Creator/Victim Circles
    • Opposite Definition Circles (e.g. have permission/don’t have permission)
  8. Screen status regularly: Stuck, oscillating, flowing
    • Clarify: How long is it stuck/oscillating? Why have you not done something about it?
      • If it’s stuck or oscillating there is an egoic competing agenda. Conditions your ego wants to fulfill first before going after the vision. Need to unterstand what’s going on in the clients consciousness and to uncover the false agenda competing with the true agenda. Otherwise just giving the ego the power if one makes choices like that!
    • Discover: False endresult & neutralize it! Do ‘Vision, Current Reality, Bridge’ with the intention to discover it.

Self Mastery Method

  1. STEP 1: Name the problem. Just acknowledging it, turns you to the observer. You are not the problem anymore! You are powerful!
  2. STEP 2: Acknowledge that you are creating the problem. Without that acknowledgement you cant go further. Honest on your heart. Subconscious got the message: You are the creator of the problem! And therefore powerful! You are taking responsibility!! Hardly anyone acknowledges their problem nor takes responsibility.
  3. STEP 3: Why are you creating the problem? What is it designed to achieve? What is the payoff? You create it, therefore you want to achieve sth with a payoff! Every action in a Dysfunctional Formation is designed to achieve something. “We succeed at everything we undertake, and when we undertake failure we undertake it as well.” → Circle (Coach first)
  4. STEP 4:
    • Is that what you really want? “No”.
    • What do you really want? Connect with your greatness, imagine a ball of light, rising up into your light!
  5. STEP 5:
    • How does your Creator Self relate to your wound? Step into their CS circle → become their creator. (Coach first)
    • How does your Creator Self relate to your true choice? (Coach first)
  6. STEP 6:
    • Choose what you really want. Picture and feel what you want! Changing lanes!
    • Act like it!

Conflict with Integrity

  1. Conflict or dilemma:→ Recognising Im in conflict / reaction! Notice that you react: “I have a problem”! Then you turn to observator – your not in it anymore!
  2. Admitting problem: Yes!
  3. Be with the emotional pain of what it is: Boredom, anxiousness, anger..
  4. What do I feel I need to do to get the pain away / resolve the tension:
  5. Dont do that!! Let go of the charge – your not defeated etc.
    • “Dont just stand there, do something” → “Dont just do something, stand there!” → Sit with it and detach.
  6. Rise above it Take the higher Perspective.
  7. How do you see it now?
  8. What is our true response?
  9. Do that! Use your will and follow through!

Stuck choice

  1. Where are you stuck? Does it hurt?
  2. What is the problem? What is the pain?
  3. What is up for? What are you to lose? E.g. freedom, survival
  4. How do you know that? It’s your thoughts and feelings. But they are not real. Personal interpretation (perception) of what factually happened (truth). This personal attachment makes it personal.
  5. Accept the possibility of loss. Your ego does not accept it – you must give up your resistance to neutralise it.
  6. What do you notice? Usually lighter, more grounded.
  7. Further accept to be vulnerable. Yes what I fear can happen. I don’t want it, it might not be probable, but I can accept it is possible.
  8. What do you notice? By accepting it you make it impersonal. That’s how you neutralize it.
  9. What do you love? Chose it. Choice is a preference, it’s not an egoic fixed attachment. Your ego is identified with successes and failures. Vulnerability implies: everything is possible, there is no guarantee. And I am free to choose my preference. Everything is permitted as possibility in my consciousness. That’s how powerful and free I am.

Dysfunctional Attention Transformation System (DATS)

  1. Pick a choice. A dynamic, life purpose choice.
  2. Step into the circle ‘100% Vision’. Attention 100% in the end result of your choice, in your creator. How is it & how are you? And observe the obvious about behaviour, results… Coach goes first.
  3. Step into the circle ‘100% ID’. Attention 100% in your identity, unconscious beliefs, assumptions, negredo, patterns, unconsciously self involved. How is it & how are you? And observe the obvious about behaviour, results, actions, pattersn… not so much beliefs. Coach goes first.
  4. Define the individual steps of the formation. Dysfunctional steps that show clear attitudes, perceptions, responses, most preferably actions the client does, so they can recognize when they are doing it. Trade steps 1 by 1 until ca. 8 (normal) -13 (trained) steps total. Can be from what coach or client shared in the ‘100% ID’ circle. If its more conceptual ask: when you feel like that, what do you do?
    • Coach proposes 1 step. Client needs to agree & phrase the step so that they can recognize it.
    • Then client 1 step
    • Then coach 1 step…

You know from now on: If I’m doing this I actively sabotage myself and am bleeding. – I must refocus.

Circle Work

Resistance is created through definitions. We developed those definitions when we were infants, we couldn’t do things without permission – BIG thing! Definitions such as:

  • “I dont have permission”
  • “I cant do it”
  • “I have no capability”
  • “Its not my role”

Definition pop out of Current Reality.

Truth Resistance Circles

Within your consciousness exist all frequencies, you are the whole universe. Allow yourself to see what is. E.g. inside you there are 2 distinct aspects, 2 structures or if you will 2 identities: The lower and the higher.

Do Circles (1-2 min each): Results, Feelings, Behaviour:


  • Wounded boy/girl
  • Student
  • Identity
  • Victim
  • Resistance
  • Co-Dependancy / Merged
  • Belief


  • Wise spirit
  • Expert
  • Higher Self
  • Creator
  • Will / Truth
  • In(ter)dependent / Free
  • Premise / Principle

Become who you are: Be the higher and know yourself as the wise spirit. The lower or your little boy: Your thoughts & feelings. Don’t identify with them, just feel them. And be the wise spirit!

The sun is always there, even if there are clouds. Assume that and expect that. Become the wise spirit you are!

Transcendent Definition Circles

Do (1-2 min each): Results, Feelings, Behaviour.


  • “I am not good enough”
  • “I need to be perfect”
  • “I don’t have permission”
  • “Seeking Validation”
  • “Its not my role / I can’t fulfill a masculine role”

Transcending / Nondual

  • “I am / I am the light / I am whole”
  • “I am real”
  • “I don’t need permission”
  • “Wholeness”
  • “There are no roles” (NOT: “I can do a mans role” = Negative vision)

You are just you. Not good, not bad. Just the light. Beyond definitions. It’s about transcendent definitions! They truly shift energy in a persons consciousness.

Opposite Definition Circles

Do (1-2 min each): Results, Feelings, Behaviour.


  • “I need to be good”
  • “I need to justify my existence”
  • “I need to control my circumstances”
  • “I need to know”
  • “I need to survive”
  • “I have a right to live”
  • “I must….”


  • “It’s ok to be bad / if others think im bad”
  • “There is no purpose to life”
  • “I can’t control what I can’t control”
  • “I don’t know what I don’t know”
  • “Life is a choice”
  • “There is no right to live. Live is undeserved”
  • “Every moment is a free choice”


Daily for 30 days: Be in each circle for about 30 secs each. You must just feel it, don’t think about it or get lost in a circle. Just notice the definitions and attached emotions. Your subconscious knows what the truth is – you dont need to do anything about it. You are just teaching yourself the opinions, concepts, frequencies which you carry and consist of anyway. Through seeing it you neutralise it.